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The Path of Surrender

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Extremely yin in nature, the Path of Surrender is often misunderstood as giving up, or failing in life.  Instead, this action releases our need for struggle and suffering. moving us toward a state of Grace, where everything we need simply flows toward us within an abundant sea of synchronicity.

As more of us fully commit to pursuing Ascension and walking closer to the Divine in all facets of our life, the spiritual Path of Surrender may become an essential way to be.  Through cultivating compassion, understanding, and higher consciousness our next natural step of spiritual development may become acquiescing to Divine source for guidance in all facets of our lives. Then with trust and open heart we gladly walk toward the Spiritual Path of Surrender.

What is Ascension?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Like everything else, the meaning of Ascension is relative to who you are, your spiritual background and how you perceive reality.  Traditionally, Ascension has implied liberating our soul from physical form to etheric substance and Light.  Christianity gives us a perfect example of this type of Ascension through Christ’s resurrection.  However since we have entered the new paradigm of the 5th World, the meaning of Ascension has shifted from being a physical transformation to an internal spiritual process that awakens us to new possibilities, perceptions and higher consciousness in our daily lives.

To embark on this inner journey we must first commit to healing our emotional and psychological issues that prevent forward movement.  By doing so, we can also begin cultivating the spiritual qualities below.


Spiritual Qualities of Ascension

Commitment to a Daily Spiritual Practice – Examples: creating sacred space, meditating, walking in the woods, prayer

Perceiving your Body As a TempleAs our vehicle through life, our body is sacred. So it’s important to take care of our physical health by eating wholesome foods, keeping away from harmful substances and getting enough rest and sleep.

HumblenessReleasing self-importance, and living a simple life-style.

Service Oriented – Engaged in the good of the whole, instead of focusing on yourself

Inner strengthKnowing you have the ability to find resolution for any challenge that comes your way.

Emotional Stability – Comes when you develop transparency and heal your shadow.  When this happens life drama disappears and you become an objective observer.

Compassionate, Loving & Kindness – Because you see the good in others, you remain spiritually open to everyone.

Development of Inner Peace – Comes with the release of anxiety and lower emotions.

Joyfulness – Happens when our hearts are open and we have a connection to Source. We can reach out and share our joy with others.

Understanding – Here we can be sensitive thoughtful and supportive to others, because we have the ability to forgive and be compassionate.

Insightfulness and Perceptiveness – Allows us to see with deep clarity how life truly is.

Living Life as Spirit – By unifying the two, your spirituality is carried into every waking moment and action.

PresenceResonating a state of Beingness that is calm, present, compassionate, loving, grounded, and humble.



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Joy of Flowers!

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

During the summer months one of my favorite morning pastimes is watching all the flower activity on my porch.  It gives me great pleasure to know I am supplying nectar to the many moths, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds that frequent this part of my garden.

Sitting and watching a sea of purples, pinks and an occasional yellow, I feel uplifted by sensing each flower’s beauty, vibration and presence, for flowers connect us with Divine joy!   It is by no accident that they are given when a dear one passes, when we celebrate our love for another, or when we want to say please forgive me.

When we sit quietly, in reverence and reflection with a flower, her spirit may sometimes share messages or guidance through our feelings.  Thus, through observation and heightened senses we may engage in a new type of relationship.

So the next time you encounter a flower, feel the wonder of its joyful presence.  And give gratitude for your beautiful experience.

Creating Empowerment through Challenge

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

When we accept challenge as a path of empowerment, we learn to release struggle and resistance, shift worn-out behavior patterns and heal inner wounds.

By meeting life’s predicaments head-on, we give ourselves a dynamic opportunity for growth, change and spiritual healing.  To be successful in navigating crisis calmly, we need to remember to remain objective throughout our current circumstances and concentrate on manifesting positive change in our life.  To do so means relying on our inner resources of fortitude, strength and courage of mind and emotion, if we are to move forward in meeting our potential goals.

For this, introspection, prayer, contemplation and trust are our spiritual tool bag’s greatest allies, as we release preconceived ideas and develop profound insight into the nature of our particular circumstance.

So remember, whether large or small, when challenge crops up in your life, a shift in consciousness from crisis to opportunity will not only save the day, it will also help you understand your priorities and actualize your highest potential.

Sacred Walking

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Sacred Walking is an ancient, traditional form of walking meditation that teaches us to slow down and touch the land with our senses.  Here we can discover the rhythms of nature, plus sights, sounds, smells and stillness that would normally be lost to us by scurrying along the path.

When our walk becomes laced with Divine purpose and pilgrimage, the visible and invisible touch, allowing us to create a journey where process and destination open us to spiritual experience and enlightenment.

Sacred Walking is open to anyone who wants to reconnect with Nature, Walk in Beauty and form Right Relationship with All Our Relations.


Instructions for Sacred Walking
  • Use your intuition to find a path in the woods, park or other natural site to walk.
  • Walk consciously, slowly, and deliberately.
  • Tune into the subtle magnetism of nature; sites, smells, sounds.  Feel the air caress your body or how it feels when you touch a tree or plant.
  • If you are familiar with the terrain, notice something new.
  • Be perceptive and sensitive to any shifts in your consciousness.
  • How does this route change during different daylight hours or evening?
  • Journal about your findings.

Walking in Beauty

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

As we step into our post 2012 world ruled by the element of ether, it is important to remember and recognize the spiritual truths that say everything is alive, has a spirit and is connected.  By practicing these sacred covenants we learn how to Walk in Beauty, while creating our new paradigm.


When we choose the Beauty Path we are making  a commitment to live in harmony and Right Relationship with nature, people and All Our Relations.  In this way of life, love and good-will flow from our heats into our daily activities, and we become peacemakers to all we meet.





Spiritual Tenderness

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Although most of us know tenderness as a nourishing outward expression of love or concern for another, this is only a display of affection and not it’s true essence; for tenderness is really a spiritual quality that emanates from you.

This inner disposition reflects a connection and communication with our own loving heart and an ability to be tender and compassionate with ourselves. Then through outward emanations of tenderness we can express love for humanity and nature and enhance all our relationships.

For me the deer totem has always embodied this loving tender energy through it’s other qualities of innocence, gentleness, and trust. By working with deer medicine, we can tune into our own heart’s intelligence. Then, by profoundly developing the  quality of spiritual tenderness we can pass it along to all we know.


About the Author...

Barbara-Lynn Freed has worked at a Spiritual Healer for over twenty years helping clients to raise their consciousness, heal their core issues and develop inner peace.  For more information about her practice or to make an appointment, visit her website.

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Hugs for Healing

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

If you consciously bring in Divine Love when you are hugging someone, you can turn the experience into a healing one. Simply see yourself receiving Divine Love for your own well-being and then visualize your heart space opening while imaging Love flowing out to the heart of the other person. Remain hugging the other person until you are sure they are ready to let go. By doing so you can open a new way of communication for both  you and the
people you hug.


About Your Spiritual Healer                                                                                                                                                                                    Barbara-Lynn Freed is a Mystic, Spiritual Healer and Teacher, who believes in a holistic approach to life, and has a love for helping people understand the mysteries and challenges in their lives.  In 1992 she founded “Awakening the Heart! spiritual healing practice, and was ordained as an Alliance of Divine Love, interfaith Minister in 1993.  

Her 30 year eclectic background includes a four year apprenticeship in Native American spirituality and healing, and further studies in Dreams, Women’s Mysteries, Archeo-Astronomy, and the Mystical Branches of the World’s Major Religions, plus a cross-cultural study of ancient and indigenous people’s perception of the land, time, and space.  Barbara-Lynn radiates profound inner peace and centeredness. She understands the sacredness of life and experiences the interconnectedness of all things. Through her Alliance of Divine Love ministry she teaches people how to love themselves.  Visit her website for more information.

Right Use of Will: What is it?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

We all know that when we exercise our personal Will we are using self-discipline to motivate us to take charge of our behavior. Aligned with our ego and desires, this form of Will assists our intellect to consciously decide the best course of action.

When we align our personal will with Divine Will our life becomes infused with spiritual energy that works toward our spiritual growth, transformation and enlightenment. Allowing us to grow unconditional love embodied with Spirit, this Right Use of Will helps us move toward our Divine potential, by accelerating our evolutionary path, through an expanded consciousness and higher purpose in life.


How to Connect with Divine Will

Yearn to do so

Have Gratitude




Conscious Breathing

Surrendering to a Higher Power

Enjoying the Beauty in Nature

Connecting with your Higher Self

Following your Heart


Once you have achieved this spiritual resonation, you will be able to shine your Light within to others.


About the Author… Barbara-Lynn Freed has over twenty years experience as a Spiritual Healer and works with clients to help them heal their core issues, raise their consciousness and create inner peace.  To find out more about her practice and to make an appointment see her website.



Attitude of Gratitude Lightens Your Load

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

It’s easy for us to take our lives for granted when things are going well. But if we return a Thank You  for our good fortune, we will make space for new blessings to arrive when we least expect them.

By saying Thank You everyday to the Divine for your food, shelter, job, and family’s health, you will also strengthen your connection to the Source and create more trust and faith that will inevitably sustain you during hard times.

When you are in a crisis or prolonged bad luck, try to have gratitude for what is going right in your life. It’s easy to complain and see the negative in unfavorable situations you are encountering. But if you can think of at least one thing that is positive about it, you may be able to shift your perception and change things to a more favorable outcome.

By looking at your glass of life as being half full instead of half empty you can bring more abundance to yourself  and in all facets of your life.

About the Author...
Barbara-Lynn Freed has worked at a Spiritual Healer for over twenty years helping clients to raise their consciousness, heal their core issues and develop inner peace.  For more information about her practice or to make an appointment, visit her website.