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The Path of Surrender

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Extremely yin in nature, the Path of Surrender is often misunderstood as giving up, or failing in life.  Instead, this action releases our need for struggle and suffering. moving us toward a state of Grace, where everything we need simply flows toward us within an abundant sea of synchronicity.

As more of us fully commit to pursuing Ascension and walking closer to the Divine in all facets of our life, the spiritual Path of Surrender may become an essential way to be.  Through cultivating compassion, understanding, and higher consciousness our next natural step of spiritual development may become acquiescing to Divine source for guidance in all facets of our lives. Then with trust and open heart we gladly walk toward the Spiritual Path of Surrender.

Astrological Update: August 2012

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Astrological ZodiacThis August 2012 boasts two Full Moons each with particular significance.  The first at 10°15′ Aquarius on August 1st, 11:27 pm EDT, features a Yod or Finger of God/Destiny. A Yod is formed by two quincunxes (very difficult aspect) and a sextile (easy aspect) that liberates the configuration into a powerful transformative purpose. The planets involved in the first leg are Pluto quincunx Jupiter and the second leg are Pluto quincunx the Sun and Mercury. The sextile is composed of the Sun and Jupiter, making Pluto the apex of this configuration. (an apex is the main drive of a configuration)

This Yod is transforming humanity to accept a new way of Being by:

  • Learning to develop new insights in overcoming challenge constructively
  • Seeing opportunity in uncertainty
  • Releasing obsessive, outmoded, dogmatic, cultural & personal patterns
  • Being charitable to others
  • Living simple and contemplative lives

The New Moon on August 17th, 25° 8′ Leo at 11:54 am EDT, responds to the Full Moon’s energies with a  

Box configuration composed of the South Node square Sun/Moon, square the North Node, square Neptune/Chiron, square the South Node.

This box of squares creates intense challenge, stress and tension as the entire world reels in reaction to the last Full Moon’s energies. We will seem to be out of synch with the flow of reality.

Then on the last day of the month, August 31, the second Full Moon of August at 8° 34′ Pisces, 9:58 am EDT emerges, balancing Heaven’s energy with both a Yod and a Box. The box is formed by the North Node squaring Mercury, squaring the South Node, squaring Neptune/Chiron, squaring the North Node. This configuration primarily deals with miscommunication within society and not understanding what’s going on.

The Yod, comprised of Uranus quincunx the Sun and Mars, and the Sun sextile Mars, tells a completely different story. With Uranus at the apex, releasing traditional patterns through non-conformity and independent action are emphasized. We are encouraged to stop provoking others, tolerate the differences in humanity and resist self-justification. The sextile helps us to use our will for constructive and creative action, cooperation, and to be courageous in the face of danger.

In conclusion, the month of August seems to reflect humanity’s growing pains as they strive for a higher way of Being.  Try and use these energies to catapult yourself into a higher consciousness.