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Your First Spiritual Healing Session: What to Expect

Friday, February 1st, 2013

The best way for us to know how to proceed during your first and subsequent Spiritual Healing sessions is to give your auric field, meridians and chakras an energy assessment. By doing so, we can quickly perceive your emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual issues.

Although my healing focus is usually on deep emotional and spiritual purification, our first session together will concentrate on preliminary clearing and cleaning of emotional debris in your aura and chakras, plus a recalibration of your energy field to harmonize with the stellar energies currently raising our planet’s vibration. By doing so, you can relax and begin working with these energies instead of resisting them and thus, help your life to run smoother.

We end your first session with a review of our findings and a discussion on how to proceed with your future sessions.


About Your Spiritual Healer                                                                                                                                                                                    Barbara-Lynn Freed is a Mystic, Spiritual Healer and Teacher, who believes in a holistic approach to life, and has a love for helping people understand the mysteries and challenges in their lives.  In 1992 she founded “Awakening the Heart!” spiritual healing practice, and was ordained as an Alliance of Divine Love, interfaith Minister in 1993.  

Her 30 year eclectic background includes a four year apprenticeship in Native American spirituality and healing, and further studies in Dreams, Women’s Mysteries, Archeo-Astronomy, and the Mystical Branches of the World’s Major Religions, plus a cross-cultural study of ancient and indigenous people’s perception of the land, time, and space.  Barbara-Lynn radiates profound inner peace and centeredness. She understands the sacredness of life and experiences the interconnectedness of all things. Through her Alliance of Divine Love ministry she teaches people how to love themselves.

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